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My Reflections of FETC

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Coming from Chicago, just going to Florida in January is considered a “snowbird.” But, attending FETC at the same time, I am flying high! I only had 48 hours at the conference, so I tried to make the most of it. After arriving late Wednesday night, I hit the ground running on Thursday morning.

Leslie Fisher

  • www.lesliefisher.com
  • I had never seen her present in person, this was an experience. She is amazing. Of course her complete presentation is online. www.lesliefisher.com > handouts > (I agree) > iPhone / iPod Touch Application Support Group
  • The coolest thing was the vast levels of techieness. She was able to keep me engaged and not overwhelm the newbies. Her web resources are incredible. I am going to spend MLK day just to go through all her stuff. It is great to see a female techie in action, yippee!
  • Take-away evernote I have this installed on my laptop, but never really used it. Just reactivated my account and will download the app on my iPhone. I plan on putting all my presentations on there, along with other really important stuff.

Meg Ormiston

  • http://megormi.wikispaces.com/google
  • I adore Meg, her energy and passion to learn creates an environment of collaboration within her presentation. She gave her TOP 10 LIST. I really enjoyed how she made her audience part of the presentation.
  • Take-away goog-411 I had completely forgotten about his cool google feature. Call 1-800-4664-411,  give them your location, and what you are looking for, they give you the information.

Rushton Hurley

Time for the vendors and lunch with two newbies from my school and discussed the conference and their excitement to try new things. Yippeee! I then made a mad dash to the tweet-up at TGIFridays and met up with my PLN. Guess what – won a t-shirt! Caught a rickshaw back to my hotel to do some final tweaking of my presentation tomorrow.

Carol Broos

  • http://musictechie.pbworks.com/Collaborative-Composer-Project
  • I had a Skype call from Brenda Muench, who is part of this project. We talked about how we met at a conference where I was presenting on Podcasting. After the conference, she sent me some of her podcasting links from her students, since then we have become best friends. I emphasize that in order to have a successful collaboration, you have to get along with the people first, then work on the curriculum.
  • Take-away “If you can google it, you don’t need to memorize it.” Have students make projects in music, not learning facts about music. I loved connecting with fellow music teachers, there aren’t many of us that are music innovators. I added a few more to my PLN.

Just Connecting…

  • Another person I had never met in person was David Fisher, out of Palm Beach, Florida we had done a collaboration on the Lincoln Project last year with his fifth graders and my fifth graders. http://lincoln212.pbworks.com/ He was presenting at the same time with Lee Korbert on VoiceThread, but we manage to carve out time to talk about a new collaboration with his kindergartners and my fifth graders.

Getting Others Involved…

  • I had the other teachers from my group go to the VoiceThread presentation with David and Lee (The school already has purchased the VoiceThread accounts and I have set-up all 200 accounts, with avatars) The fourth grade teachers finally saw how cool it was. Even though I have been pushing VoiceThread for over a year, when someone OUTSIDE the school talks or presents, they think it is cool.
  • I also set them to see Steve Dembo, he was doing a “Newbie” session. One teacher was texting me through the presentation how cool this was and FINALLY she understood what web 2.0 is and wants to move ahead in technology! Thanks Steve!!!
  • It was a wonderful conference, now the work begins with the new apps, programs, and material that gleamed from FETC.
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  1. KenNo Gravatar

    Thanks for sharing and posting. I agree with all of your statements about the presenters and Rushton is a very close friend of mine. Hope to see you at ISTE 2010 later this year

  2. Thanks for sharing these comments. I love the fact that I can experience a conference from the other side of the world without leaving my home. Some really useful links and information.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Leslie Fisher, Edtech Feeds. Edtech Feeds said: [from cnansen] My Reflections of FETC by Be A Techie:): http://url4.eu/19Z40 […]

  4. Great conference summary! I was there and also attended many valuable sessions. We crossed paths at the Sandbox Shootout and the tweet-up 😉
    My favorite “take away” (one of many) is a quote from a panel discussion, Internet Safety Awareness and Education. Larry Magid, panel moderator, said “The best internet filter is the one that runs inside a kid’s head”.

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