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Home Technology qtcode + neoreader = techie geek

qtcode + neoreader = techie geek

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I am such a techie geek. A lot of people ask me, how did I learn and when did I come this techie geek?  Well, I think I have always had the desire to learn and create. My family discussions at dinner were current events and “real time” things. My mom was the first person to wear “hot pants” to church and for my 13th birthday my parents took me to see “Hair,” (yes, the end of the first act ALL the actor and actresses were naked.) Upon saying that I grew up in an extremely traditional and conservative environment that valued risk-taking. That is the key. To take the risk, the jump. So, technology is my risk. That is what the geekie world is all about taking risks and putting yourself out there.

Now, on to the post. I LOVE this new addition to my website, making a qtcode for iPhones or andriods to “scan” and keep your link on their phone without typing a thing.

Here are the things that it can do:

-link to website

-link to text

-link to phone number

-link to SMS (short messaging service)

qtcode website

Neoreader download

Neoreader iPhone app for download

This is incredible. Make a code, then download app and test it out. Here are a few codes that I made. I plan on printing out these out and have them available for people to scan at all my presentations. Sorry iTouch users, because you need a camera, it only works with the iPhone. But, it might work with your regular cell phone, because that has a camera!

It also works on an Andriod phone as well. Here is the link to download

Geek on…

Click here!

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