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Home Classroom K12online Conference – “Student Voices”

K12online Conference – “Student Voices”

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The k12online conference is about to start and I am honored to be a part of it this year. When I saw that they had a strain called “student voices,”  I jumped on the opportunity for my students to share their stories, innovation, and creativity to others. Sharing and showing others how you do something, is the backbone of all I do in class.This is the perfect opportunity for them to share and show.  I have “experts,” or students who have figured out programs, so they become the “go to” people in the school for others. That was the main point on the Keynote “Sharing: The Moral Imperative, by Dean Shareski.

It was a blast having my students videotape their experiences and how they create their files using music as the glue for all projects. Here is the trailer, which ironically, is much harder than the 20-minute final video I edited. Trying to put together a short one minute teaser doesn’t capture all the students how they come to create in the variety of ways they do.

I am a music teacher first, so ALL files music is created and composed. That is the common thread throughout the class. But, in this audio-visual environment (my students also must have a visual content) is the real story here. My students use such a variety of visuals, be it flash, iMovie, gaming, Photoshop, or just pictures of themselves. Some start with the music, other start with the visual and make the music complement the audio. Whatever they do, they work in a flurry of activity in class and at home.

We are scheduled go live on Monday at 7:00am. Enjoy! Click here for the schedule.

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