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MY rules for joining your organization or committee

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As get really excited about the new aspects of teaching. So am asked to be on a variety of committees and other educational boards. Education, as I see it, has COMPLETELY changed since I started teaching, so I have a few rules when deciding to “join” or put my name on an organization.

Rule 1

Must use Google docs all information is on the doc. NO emails with attachments. Google cal is also a must.

Rule 2

Must have wiki to post current information and contact information. Again, email is dead. The only email I should receive is a personal email concerning a topic that shouldn’t be discussed on the wiki or google doc. Know how to skype or other forms of online communication.

Rule 3

“Weed and feed” the web 2.0 information. I cannot be the only one contributing to the documents. If I am the only one posting and commenting it really isn’t working.

Rule 4

If I see that the rules aren’t being followed, be aware that I will probably not be a part of your organization. You need to disband and learn the tools that work, your organization or committee is going to die since you are not using “best practice.” I suggest that you “get with the program.” Your energy should be to develop your own PLN, not run an organization or committee. Work on skills, then contact me.

I am sorry to be so harsh, but these technologies have to be infused within the organization or committee work in order for me to take part. These are my rules, any thoughts?

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