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Touring Joyo

Published on October 9, 2006 by in Japan
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We spent an incredible day touring Joyo (Joy-o) The Cultural Center, with a tea room, library, theater, offices, much like our Park District Building. It has a beautiful water area that the children can play in. Off to dig for sweet pototoes. We then visited a Shinto Shrine, where there was a parade. The children all wore the same over garments. Just like back home the parents were videotaping the entire experience. We had a “box” lunch. (see photos) and surprise, the sweet pototoes were part of the meal. Finally, we walked in the Vancouver Park and ended up in the woods, where a 19th century Shinto Shrine appeared. I worked on my speech, I am representing the group when we meet with the Mayor and the Board of Education of Joyo.

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