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Presentations are a Performance

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All presentations today must involve a multi-media file, whether it is a Powerpoint/Keynote, Prezi, or other presentation tool. Here are some basic tips that non-techies should follow.

  1. Create your own presentation, don’t depend upon others to create one for you. It is a kin to having someone else do your homework. If you don’t know how – ask. Take ownership. Media presentations are skills that EVERYONE, even administrators, should master.
  2. View presentations as a performance. You have to practice, practice, practice. Also practice with all the equipment you are going to use. Practice with the clicker, practice with the sound, practice with the computer or iPad. If others are presenting with you, give them time to practice.
  3. Run the “show” before you present with the projector you are going to use. You can see if the colors work and if there are preset settings that don’t work.
  4. If you run a slide show, have music with it. It is a very boring presentation if you are silently having pictures and words.
  5. If you do have a problem with the settings, stop the show and reset them. Don’t have the presentation continue with problems with slide advancement or sound issues.
  6. The presentation is 50% show and 50% content. If your show has problems, the audience will remember the issues first, not the content. If the show is embedded within your presentation, the audience will remember the content.
  7. Make the presentation available to your audience either in google docs or slideshare. Attendees can view all the data at a later time and have time to process and understand what you have presented. DON’T print out slides to hand out, very 20th century.

The most important rule is practice, practice makes perfect.


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