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Joyo High School

Published on October 11, 2006 by in Japan
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We spent the day at the High School in Joyo City. Slippers all day. Started out with a presentation all in Japanese, then off to make our stamp. Everyone has his or her own stamp, mine is “music.” I am going to use it for all my passes. We observed an English class of 42. As we were coming into the class, they were singing, “We are the World.” Three girls interviewed me for a newspaper they are going to write. They were extremely interested in the uniforms. When I explained we have NO uniforms. They jumped for joy, and they could have their ears pierced, I thought they were going to jump out of their chairs. But, when I explained that the girls could wear make-up, they had to come over to settle us down. Here in Japan, no make-up, no earrings, everyone is the same uniform, tie, shirt, blazer, and skirt. They all have their “translator” with them at all times to speak English. Time for lunch. Three girls ate with us. Grade 3 (Senior) another box lunch (see pictures) I then got to interview four boys, grade 1 (Sophomore) they were so smart. Their favorite class is English; they don’t like math or science. Now a little tea ceremony and a judo demonstration. At 3:25, time for all the students to clean the school before their “after school” activities. Here is where I was blown away. I heard all about “cram” schools. Not here, all the students go and do something. Soccer, singing, band, art, rugby, basketball, tennis, table tennis, judo, running, and much more. All those hallways were wore the slippers are now trashed, students in gym shoes working out! This was truly amazing. It was incredible to see everyone doing something. What a great day.

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