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Joyo Junior High

Published on October 12, 2006 by in Japan
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I had an outstanding day. Everything you think about Japanese Education, FORGET IT. It is creative, enjoyable, knowledgeable and the teachers are personable. Students even goof off, and seem to enjoy school. I am standing here with the music teacher. I observed a two of his seventh grade music classes. They sang and performed for me on recorder and voice. Students go to school at 8:25 and end at 2:35. (That includes fifteen minutes of cleaning before they go home.) Six periods in a day. Lunch is in the classroom. They stay with the same students all day. At 2:35, club activities begin. Just like the high school, so many to choose from: basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, judo, baseball, soccer, band, and art, to name a few. The class size is 37-41. They act just like my students back home. Funny, silly and hard-working.

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