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Teach Like Boot Camp

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The “boot” camp started yesterday at the local gym. I have always worked out, so I thought ramping up a notch would be an excellent start to a new style of exercise. Little did I know I would be the oldest in the class, by twenty years,  and with lots of  “workout” queens.

I arrived a bit early and was greeted by the boss, “Hi, Carol.” Of course I questioned why he knew my name, “You are the only new person.”  I said to myself “Yep, these gals have been in the class before.”  I realized really quickly that I am not in Kansas anymore.

As the women all arrived, the boss quickly went around the twenty stations and showed how you were to “do” each station. He went so fast it was a blur.

“Ok, get set… go” With only thirty seconds between each station, there was no time to rest or think. My name was now the ONLY name he called out. “Carol, keep  you butt down.” “Carol, move your towel out of the way.” “Carol keep the weights up high.” There was no let up. Also, there were times I was resting. He quietly reminded me that I might not be able to “do” all the things on the first day. There was no worry about my “feelings,” but concern about content, pushing me harder and farther than I thought I could ever go. Also, he didn’t spend ALL his time with me. There were others in the class doing the various stations and them pushing them as well.

As I was doing the “boot” camp I quickly realized this is exactly how I teach. I teach individually to each student making sure the high achieving students are engaged. I don’t teach to the middle of class, like I was taught and told in college how to teach. I teach to the highest achiever and make the others rise to those students.  “Get with the program, and keep up.” Yes, I was stressed, and yes, I was overwhelmed. But, to those other women in the class, they were all working at their own levels, just like I was.

In a your classrooms, please foster “get with the program” mentally. Additionally, have that quiet voice “you may not be able to do everything today.” You might have to sit with the students that don’t understand, but let those high achievers soar, which will bring up the “rest” of the pack. Each day your students will see they have achieved more and will push themselves harder. It will make you a better teacher and your students will thank you for that.

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