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Home apps Two Mobile Device Apps Every Musician Should Have

Two Mobile Device Apps Every Musician Should Have

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I have been hooked on two music apps that every musician and music teacher MUST have.

a.p.s. musicmaker
Pro version for iPad

$4.99 iPhone musicmaster

This comes in two versions, an iPhone version and an iPad version. The iPad version is truly a beautiful app. What is so great about this app is the integration all within the app. You don’t need to close one app and open another. All that a musician needs is within this ONE app.

Score PDF
You can mark your score with a highlighter or pen (colors are available) You can also add notes to each pdf. Upload all your scores in .pdf and mark them to play.

ALL instrument fingering charts, musical terms, instrument ranges, percussion rudiments, score order, music theory from musictheory.net and vocal ranges.

Tune your instrument

Enough said, having a metronome within the app is great

Audio recorder
Record your playing

Keep track of how long your practice time is or length of song

It pops up your calendar from your device to add or keep track of your activities

Find a website within the app

This a musicians dream app for playing, recording, researching, studying, and keeping track of activities all within ONE app. The possible are endless. It is extremely stable and has not crashed on me yet.


$14.99 Notion iPad app

This is a composition app. It has been extremely hard to find an app that will allow you compose until now. There is a cost to add some instruments, but I found that there are enough instruments without having to purchase any additional ones. You can email the file as a notion file, MusicXML, midi, or pdf. The musicXML is the real deal, that means that noteflight, Musescore, Sibelius, or Finale can read the score.

The composition is very easy to figure out and it has so many symbols and terms I can’t imagine any additional notation you would need. The playback is simple interface. There is a mixer to control the individual instrument sound and reverb. You can also add text/

These two apps used together have both worlds. One is the world of playing and the other world of composing.

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