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366 Picture Challenge Incorporating Music and Video

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There is a challenge many of my friends have participated in that you take a picture every day. This is leap year, so there will be 366 pictures this year. The time is now and the challenge is on. You must have a plan without one you plan to fail. Here’s my plan and important details.


My purpose is to create pictures that are interesting and timely, not necessarily a diary. I want to develop myself as a photographer. I also plan on using the pictures to compose  a musical composition. I am always looking how to incorporate music within ANY project. By using the pictures I would either use one pictures for my composition or create a movie with the pictures. I haven’t completely finalized how I will use the pictures in composing, but look to compose a song monthly. I am also taking 1:1 classes on Final Cut X, so integrating the use of Final Cut  X with this challenge works nicely.





I will be posting to twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and my pictures will be housed on flickr.  http://www.flickr.com/people/beatechie/ My compositions, with the pictures and/or movie will be posted on my blog, www.beatechie.com


iPhone Apps



What is nice about this app, I can post and keep track of all my pictures with one click.





This app is a must, since you can add extraordinary effects with your pictures.



Paper Camera


This does amazing effects like comic, sketchup, black and white, and many more.



I look forward to this challenge that involves visual art, music, and video.

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Have been following you on Twitter (Stephdon)…wonderful posts!
    Thanks for posting your info about 365 Project. I just signed on yesterday and being a music tech junkie myself, was wondering how to go the next mile with this! Your idea is great…thanks for sharing!

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