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Home Teacher news Memo to Self: One Online Conference At A Time

Memo to Self: One Online Conference At A Time

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Had a super embarrassing tech moment yesterday – almost didn’t sleep last night thinking about it. I am the poster co-chair for Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) and on the Fellows board at the Golden Apple Foundation. I had two online meetings at the same time. An ICE conference call (on my iPhone) and Golden Apple Board meeting (on skype, which I ran on my computer) I had my USB headsets on for the skype call on my left ear and one ear bud on my right ear.

I thought that if I just cover over the ear buds while talking that would mute the call.  Ah…. doesn’t work that way. The ear buds only work for the “output” of sound, the input is on the phone itself.

Hubby came home in the middle of the two conference calls. So I started talking and catching up, etc….Yes, EVERYONE at the ICE meeting could hear!!! Well, the conference chair of ICE texted me “Carol, you are talking REALLY loud.” and another person at the ICE conference call DM’d me on twitter “Carol, please put your phone on mute.” I think I was on top of it, so it didn’t go on too long. Still, super embarrassing!! The poster co-chair was on the call and I am going to talk to her at 3:30 to see how bad it was…. Ah… Note to self – ONE online conference at a time:)

Anyone else have an embarrassing tech moment? I completely apologize to all those attending ICE, working on my tech skills as I write!

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  1. Yes, when I was on a conference call and someone came into my office, instead of mute, I put the call on hold… everyone had to listen to the muzac from our phone system. Duh!

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