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The Sight of Sound

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This was a very exciting assignment for me, since am I former music teacher.  I am also doing the 366 project (taking a picture every day) AND the once a month composition project. So, some of the pictures I took in January were the inspiration for the song “January.”

The biggest battle was to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. There are days creativity flows very slowly or not at all. Other days it flows so much its hard to slow it down. On those days, work hard and let it RIP! It took me a long time to get started on this project, but once I did, wow, did the creativity flow.
Once I started gathering the material, i really don’t have a direction as to how is it going to fit together. I don’t have a problem blooming, my problem is pruning.  It is all about gathering, editing, then deleting. Creativity runs on its own time. Let the creativity come to you, don’t force it. It will happen. Allow it to happen.

I used the 16/366 (Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday) a picture I took at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in October. This is a quote from Martin Luther King “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

I saw the staircase as someone’s life. So, when you listen you will me transported through a life.

I created this sound file in GarageBand using loops and dynamics. Dynamics is one of the important things in sound editing. If you have sounds fight themselves or just “appear” can disrupt the flow of the music. I overlapped many sound to create a flow or story.

Hopefully you will figure out what I was trying to express using sounds with music.

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  1. IanNo Gravatar

    Beautifully edited soundscape Carole; as you mentioned, the sound clips flow with the music, rather than working against it. The image this sequence conveyed for me tied in with my running – setting off down the path, out into the countryside to enjoy the birdsong, hitting a steep little hill and culminating in an elevated heartbeat that pulses in my head.
    Now whether that was your intent … 😉

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