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A New Chapter Begins

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I knew that I was not going to be retired as a music teacher for a long time. I saw this year as an opportunity to explore and experiment with new activities and expand my interests. Over the past months I have:

But trying to find “my people” who view the direction and issues that face the education in the world today the same why I see it is difficult to find. I was extremely lucky in my teaching career to have a positive environment of learning and respect. Also in my teaching career had an environment of fear, negativity and mistrust. I wanted that positive force in my second career. I wanted a group of educators that see the need to constantly change with the times, passionate about what they do, and view education as a personal relationship with students, colleagues, administration, and parents.

Then an opportunity arrives at my hands. An opportunity to continue my passion to change and mold the future of education. I am taking the position as “Technology Coordinator” at the Golden Apple Foundation. Their tag line “Transforming Teachers and Teaching” is exactly what I want do. I will transition as a consultant starting March 6, 2012, then work with the Golden Apple Scholars in the summer before working full-time at the Foundation in August.

This is a right turn. Music has always been a part of my life and I will continue to be a strong supporter of the arts and arts education. I will continue to mentor new music educators and give back to the music education community anyway I can. As I no longer will be teaching music, I will be using my musical skills of collaboration, passion of positive relationships with others, and the understanding of “practice,” makes perfect model in my new career.


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  1. CONGRATS! I am so happy for you! Sounds like a great job! I look forward to hearing and seeing al that you are doing there!

  2. Congratulations.

    As a music educator, who turned presenter, then composer & teacher again, I appreciate the changes life offers 😉

    This opportunity for you sounds amazing. I’m sure your students will miss you – but – I look forward to hearing about the many other educators who will be inspired by what you do. I know I have been!

    Ever since I ‘went online’ with twitter and my blog I have been following your posts and classroom 2.0 sessions. I was even lucky enough to be a part of one where your students joined in.

    Keep us posted on your progress and innovative ideas. They are inspiring.

    ~ Samuel

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