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Home Teacher news “Happy May Day” to carolbroos.com

“Happy May Day” to carolbroos.com

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I remember May Day as a child. At school I would make paper flowers and place them in a paper basket. On my way home from school I would find a house where an elderly person lived, place the basket on the doorknob, ring the bell and step away from the door. Once the person opened the door, I would be standing there and announce, “Happy May Day!” I looked forward to the this day, it was a sign of the Spring and I could give back to others in the community, The next day in school we would discuss our experiences with glee and happiness. Childhood memories I like that, they seer emotions into the heart.

Today is May Day, but on a slightly different order, it’s May Day for www.carolbroos.com. Since August 2006 I have had a website that I posted all the creative and innovative podcasts, movies, calendars, announcements and other documents. It was so popular that parents would go there first before the school website.

The www.carolbroos.com website was born out of a belief of giving back, allowing my students to place little “baskets” to the world, step back and let others listen, watch, and comment. I never dreamed that it would transform my students, parents, administration, and myself. I propelled me to heights I never dreamed and gave my students a platform to speak digitally.

Over the course of almost six years, it had over 76,000 hits. There were more than 4,000 podcasts. Many young student started on the site and quickly created their own platform at home. It was a beacon for other music teachers to see how a 21st century music classroom can share and learn.

But, I retired in September 2011 and MobileMe will be gone June 2012. It seemed right to end this run on my own terms. I have to let go and realize that the only thing that stays the same is change. It is time to change.

So, I gave the May Day basket to others and walking home with found memories and the belief my students did change the world for only a moment.

Thanks everyone, know that is was a great ride, so ‘Happy May Day,” as of 5:00CDT May 1, 2012 www.carolbroos.com is redirected to here.

The last screenshot of carolbroos.com


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