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Create and Share – My TWO new websites

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I am driven by purpose. Your purpose is what drives your creative process. So I have created two new purposeful driven websites/blogs. They are mostly for me to push myself to create more and  share my creations.

The new www.carolbroos.com website is in the spirit of creation and composition. It is not a blog, but a place I can post innovative practices and share interesting ideas. It doesn’t have much up there, it is just a start. You have to place one foot in front of another. So, since I am no longer teaching, all my student’s work has been taken down. It was a good ride and I only hope that the new website will life up to the high standards my students set for me.

Since I am traveling to China in July 2012 and I am not taking my “big girl” Macbook Pro, I had to have a way to use my iPad to post blogposts. I saw that there was a wordpress app for the iPad and realized I had to set up an additional blog in order to post directly to the web from my iPad. So, Be A Techie travels was born. http://beatechietravels.wordpress.com/

Since I won’t be able to embed video or podcasts while in China I will add those upon my return. Also, there might be places I cannot get internet connection, so I will have posts ready to go and post some all on the same day.

The creative process has always been my focus is life. This will only inspire me more and have a place to post.  The new site links are found in the menus.

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