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aRTs Roundtable on EdReach.us

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I have the pleasure of being the host for the aRTs Roundtable on the EdReach.us network with three other women are Jen Kolze, Brenda Muench, and Tricia Fuglestad.

We have now recorded twenty-four shows, with our twenty-fifth show going up later this month. So, check out our chats. Just four women making a positive choice to empower our students to create and innovate.

Jen Kolze is a third through eighth grade middle school general music teacher and also directs the the choirs. Brenda Muench teaches K-3 in the mornings and a tech coach K-12 in the afternoons. Tricia Fuglestad is a K-5 art teacher. I met all three women virtually before I met them in person. This is the power of twitter and my PLN – Personal Learning Network.

Our current chat  “aRTs Roundtable 24: The Connected Educator in The Arts,” concerns the “connected” educator. Connected educator month is in August. and summer is the time we re-connect with ourselves, taking classes and attending conferences.

Jen Kolze


Jen Kolze attended a world drumming conference with Dr. Will Schmid. By experiencing a different culture and how they perform music, lets our students actually FEEL different. The arts are all about feelings and how you get your feelings into the arts through visual arts, musical arts,  or the performing arts. Jen’s keen intrest in the “whole” child IS social emotional learning at it’s finest. It’s not just putting students in cooperative groups, it’s connecting students with like minds to innovate music.




Brenda Muench


When you meet people virtually, then in person, and you click, you cherish the time you have with them. This is what happened with the four of us. We all have a passion to be innovative and creative. We empower our students and push them to infuse the arts within their daily lives. The chats we have with each other often run well  after we record our shows. These three women have become a terrific sounding board for me and has pushed me to reach new heights both personally and professionally. Brenda Muench has become one of my closest friends and confidant, keeping me on a firm moral ground.



It is extremely easy to succumb to the negative attitude of education and talk about the problems. As education AND the arts are under attack, it is quite refreshing to always put on a positive voice and work within the rules and regulations of the education forces. Our chats hopefully take a positive spin on HOW to do the arts and create a nurturing environment that cherishes the artist in all of us, not the compliant student creating what the “teacher” wants.

Tricia Fuglestad



On our last podcast, Tricia Fuglestad talked about a little boy scout badge project that morphed into an international video winner. Her passion to involve her students in global projects and connect them to the outside world of art always amazes me.





The interesting things is the musicians in us use the visual arts and the visual arts use the musical arts. We realize that we are all in the boat together, that is the new literacy – transliteracy. Yes – aRTs Roundtable #4 – Transliteracy.

Thanks Jen, Brenda, and Trisha! You guys ROCK:)


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