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Getting PUMPED and Organized For China

Published on July 17, 2012 by in China
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I am getting started and ready to ROCK for my trip to China. I will be gone for twelve days and the next post will be my China itinerary. I am really excited about the people I will meet and the places I will see. I wanted to be able to only use my iPad for my travels, so my BIG GIRL (Macbook Pro) is not coming with me on the trip. I will be using my iPad to post all my pictures and blog posting. This is my first test to see how it posts from my iPad. Thanks to my techie buddy, Brenda Muench for showing Blogsy, so we will see how well this works.



Here’s are few things I am taking with me:


1. “Sleeper” sleeping bag sewn for my overnight train ride. My neighbor sewed a king-sized sheet together.

2. Hand sanitizer, enough said.

3. Straws, just in case.

4. Called all my banks and credit cards to let them know the exact days I am in China.

5. Placed my iPhone and iPad on 30-day international plan. I am not bringing my computer, so this will be the only way I have to post pictures and updates.

6. An additional battery for my Olympus camera.

7. Converter plugs, since I need to charge my cameras every night.

8. Backup camera with batteries, just in case all my charged batteries, iPhone, or iPad are unchargable.

9. Candy and nuts for the plane ride. You never know if you are delayed in the air or on the ground.

10. Fifty American dollar ones. These are excellent for tips.

11. Stickers and small wrapped candy for presents.

12. Digital copy (picture) of my passport and a paper copy of passport and Chinese visa.

13. Printed out tour documents, along with an extra copy, for the tour director.


I’m sure there is more on the list, but this is the major stuff. I’m only taking six outfits for twelve days. One large carryon, a small carryon, and a small backpack to be used as a purse.


I am taking three pairs of shoes, my pink teva’s, black tom’s, and a pair of gym shoes. Packing light is key since we are staying in a variety of hotels throughout China. I am also rolling all my clothes so things will fit.


I am traveling with one of my best friends, Mary Bortz, a retired art teacher of whom I taught with at Sunset Ridge School for over fifteen years. So, you know the arts will be a central theme throughout the trip.

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