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Beijing Zoo Pandas

Published on July 22, 2012 by in China
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Today we decided to adventure out to see the Pandas at the Beijing Zoo on our own. We are adventurous, so off to the zoo on the subway. As luck would have it, the train station was less than fifty feet from our hotel. We made sure all the connecting stops were written out in Chinese.

The moment we got underground subway, the mass of humanity was upon us. There was no order, just the survival of the fitest. People push you on and off, sashe were aware of the stops to push ourselves off the train.

We followed the masses to the zoo and we seemed to add more people along the way. There was no order in getting our tickets, just push yourself ahead to get the tickets. We followed the masses to the Olympic Panda Houses. The pushing to see the royal animals intensified more the closer we got. We managed to position ourselves to see the Pandas and the excitement in the air was electrifying.

As we were released from the masses outside, everyone quietly found a place to talk and process the entire experience. A quick sip of water and a beautiful walk around the rest of the zoo finished off the morning.

The only option for lunch was a simple cafe, with a menu all in Chinese. A wonderful young father sencing we were having problems helped us by ordering the food for us and as you see it was a feast, all for the price seventy yuan ($12)

We meet up with the rest of the group tomorrow and off to the Great Wall of China!


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  1. Naturally Carol would find the zoo first AND happen on a local to order a feast FOR her!!! What a great experience. You got to love the kindness of strangers, especially when it comes to food! Congrats and enjoy!

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