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iPads in the Music Classroom

Published on September 4, 2012 by in apps
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Over the past two weeks I have received countless emails concerning music teachers who recently will use their personal iPads in their music classroom. Since I have been writing individually to each of the teachers it became increasingly important to put my thoughts out there – so here is comes.


Bento for Mac, iPad, and iPhone is a simple way of keeping databases for classroom assignments, contact information, and checklists of activities.

First, have a google doc for your students to fill out with contact information. First and last name should be separate entries. Since this is the only time you will be collecting data, have addresses, cell phone numbers, and any other data that you can think of that might be important over the year. Each grade level should have it’s own database, it then can be downloaded at an excel spreadsheet then uploaded to Bento – with all the fields intact. Then start building your database.

Second, use the checkbox on many of the entries. These are the yes/no categories: Solo, AUP, or concert attendance.  It will be easy for you to simple “check off” when the students complete the task or assignment, Take pictures from the last yearbook for each of the students, input the pictures into the database.

Third, using the “choice” field place the categories for your projects or assignments: Exemplary, Acceptable, DNF (Did Not Finish), Personalized Curriculum.

Sync your computer will your iPad (it might have to be completed at home since I had syncing issues at school)

We are in a data driven educational environment today and the easier we collect and use data the better we can educate our students and administrators as the importance of the arts and personalized instruction.



DropBox Free

Evernote Free

Google Free

Composing Music

GarageBand 4.99

Creating Music

Band 3.99 (has six different instruments and records sounds)

Beatwave Free


Digidrummer Free Free

ChordBank Free

Recording Apps

Soundcloud Free

AudioBoo Free

VidRhythm Free

VoiceThread Free

Movie Apps

iMovie 4.99

Vimeo Free

Photo Apps

Paper Camera .99

Music Games

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free

Music Games

Seuss Band .99

Pluto Piano Free

Moozart 1.99

Note Squish.99

Simon’s Cat Free

Magic Piano Free


Sounddrop Free

Auditorium Free

O-GenAcoustic 1.99

Air Harp .99

In future posts I will be discussing more in-depth each of these apps. But for now, collecting data is a good way to start the year.

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  1. Great information, as always, Carol! Can’t wait to use Bento to set up a database for on-the-fly assessment in my elementary music classroom!

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