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Home Technology Give Me Eight: Gifts for the Holidays!

Give Me Eight: Gifts for the Holidays!

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Under $20

1. Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer Case (CPG7BL) from Amazon




We have all their tech gear all over the place; this is a wonderful way to organize all your stuff. I purchased two different sizes a couple of months ago and I am using the smaller one for connectors, with the larger one for extra tech gear. I can see all my tech supplies needed for presentation and the larger one has a pouch in the back for the small items like the squareup device.

2. squareup

FREE – get $10 back


This is a must have and you get your money back by purchasing the device. I have used it on two separate occasions with NO issues. More and more businesses (and babysitters) will be using this for a digital record of transactions.

Under $50

3. Evernote Premium



I love evernote and a gift of a premium account would be helpful for all. I love the sharing feature and the search within pdf’s is incredible. I email myself lots of files so with my four email account I can easily find everything within seconds


4. Extra power cord

Have one cord at work and one cord at home. I have been doing this for years, less to carry and you always are ready to charge!

5. Dropbox 


The cloud is hot this year, here are the various cloud storage plans. Be careful, some offer it “free” for 14-days, look for free that is forever. Separating all the files is good thing. Don’t have ONLY one place. I also backup my computers as much as I can, at least every three days with my iPhone and iPad synced to iCloud. Click here for the list of the top 10 cloud storage sites. Since much of the iPad apps use dropbox, I place all my current files in dropbox that can be used on the iPad or iPhone. It also allows for file-sharing. If you share a folder with someone else and they install dropbox, you get more storage. It is considered a MUST have. Look into the possibility of purchasing more storage, since many people are now using multiple devices to access their information and files.


6. Box.com


There was a special offer awhile back to get 50GB storage on box.com so I jumped right on it. I am so glad I did.  All my old files I really don’t use on a daily basis are on box.net It is a good idea to have a variety of cloud applications, since you don’t know what apps work with a particular cloud service. Be careful, it really only supports the “microsoft” applications, I have had problems with GarageBand files and Keynote presentations.


7. Sugarsync 


Photos, it works fabulously with no issues. You can choose the folders you want to sync, dropbox only lets you sync the dropbox folder.

Under $100

8. Apple TV

$94.95 on Amazon

Whoever gets an Apple TV this year will scream “Thank you SANTA.”  If you haven’t seen Apple TV is action, it is worth a google search. Many schools are going for getting this instead of interactive white boards. Along with the airplay with your iPad and iPhone, flickr and netflex are also part of the connection.


These are just my simple suggestions, if anyone receives these items a big “THANK-YOU SANTA” will be heard.

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