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Tagxedo Word Cloud Creater

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As part of an activity of the Selection Committee for the Golden Apple Foundation, we were all asked to use three post-its and write three words that best describe what the committee was looking for the 2013 Golden Apple Fellows. This best frames what the group of sixty-odd educators, from current educators and administers, college professors, and retired educators Prek-22. I am immediately asked “How did you do it?”

So,instead of composing many emails, a blogpost seems the best way to share. THIS is why we have blogs, to share.

GA_Fellows_words Black_white_Felllows


Create your list of words in a word processing document; I used evernote. If you ever have to go back to recreate or change your word cloud, you have all the words already to go. DO NOT type the words into the word section, enough said.


The word cloud site is http://www.tagxedo.com/app.html You create a shape and can alter data input. You can also “lock” your Color, Theme, Font, Orientation, and Layout, which is quite helpful.


Under load, you can copy and paste your word processing words. Do not do a data dump and take the first generated picture. Select a shape, there is a Word/Layout options. In everything you create, seeing what the options are, makes a project go from ordinary to fabulous. Be very deliberate with your choices and what looks best to your eye.


This will drive your project. Know your purpose. My purpose was for a slide show and I wanted a black background. Black also loads faster in a browser than white. However, if you are going to print it out, a white background would be the better choice – less ink. Also, if you are only going to print it in black and white, then create your word cloud in black and white. I created two different versions, one in colored with a black background and in black and white.


You can save the file and email the file. I took at screenshot, but there are various ways to share and save.

To add interest, in keynote I put the picture on an angle, it adds interests and brings the eye in.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 11.17.49 AM


So, now look at the word cloud and what it takes to be a truly “Distinguished” educator, THAT was the ultimate PURPOSE.

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