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Home Education COBS: C is for Create

COBS: C is for Create

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cobsDo you use COBS? This is the first of four blog posts concerning the workflow of material.


This is the easiest of the four things to do. Create, compose, and innovate. Once we get on a roll we continue to create so much that even naming the creations can get in the way. But, that could murder your “stuff.” File names are important and take the TIME to name it. If you cannot remember what you named the file, if could take HOURS to access it. Take your own pictures, draw your own artwork, compose your own music, and produce your movies. Don’t copy and paste words or use google images.

Next up – O

What I did as part of COBS:

  • Created  a cob in Sketchbook Pro, that is used in the four-part series.
  • Working on a composition (that I will share after this series is completed)


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