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Home Curriculum Putting the O in COBS: Organize

Putting the O in COBS: Organize

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cObs copyFile management is the most important technology workflow for everyone. This is the area where people need the most help and TIME. I have seen someone’s iPhoto with 10,000 pictures with no folders. When asked, she commented “I remember the date I took the picture.” When pressed, she acknowledged that it sometimes takes hours to find the correct picture. Another person had ALL their music in a variety of places, some in iTunes, others in documents, and still others on the desktop. Search was the method of finding any music file. The key is taking the TIME to organize and become folder centric.

here are some tips

Here are some tips:

  • Have file extension on. That way all the files can be named the same and kept in one folder. You will know what file it is by the extension.
  • Do a project that demands that students use the same name with the various extensions. My Sibelius 6 was just that, six files all labeled the same, but in using different programs.
  • Have folders ready to go and create folders ahead of time.
  • When you have two or three files that could be grouped, make a folder. The computer works better when the files are in folders.
  • Color code (tag) the important folders. The new operating system of mavericks now offers tagging, I am in the process of going through ALL my files and tagging them. Yes, I am taking the time to organize, not create.
  • If you want a particular folder on top, label it with a number_NameOfFile ex: 1_concert.
  • Labeling the school year by the last year. Example: school year 13-14, became 14.
  • Group the students by their graduation year, not by the grade they are in.

Naming files is also an art, short is better. Have a system and still to it. If you system changes, go back and reorganize. The computer does not like –  (dash) I once was transferring over 100GB of data and much if the data got corrupted. The genius at the Apple store explained that dashed and backslashes are a killer. Underscore_works_great. Teachers allow students to organize their trappers, clean out their desks and lockers, so students are organized with paperwork and supplies.  It is easy to see. But, the digital files were not part of the picture and usually  seen by the user, not by everyone. Give yourself and your students time to organize. PLEASE, do not create a standardize way to organize and demand a specific color for folders or tags. This will not connect the student to the files. You and your students have to FIND a way that works. Once you demand folders, let the individual organization method be created by the student and yourself.

What I did as part of COBS:

  • Inbox zero, got ALL my mailboxes at zero and deleted spam.
  • Deleted emails older than 2011, deleted and cleaned up folders.
  • Desktop clean, no folders or files
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