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Home Technology Backup, backup, backup: the B in COBS

Backup, backup, backup: the B in COBS

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coBs (1)Of course, external hard drive the complete computer at least once or week OR when you have competed an important project and want to make sure you have backed it up.

Dropbox and dropittome

I love the dropbox feature of all my screen shots immediately going to the screenshot folder in my dropbox. I also love the dropittome service, where people can drop files to me, without an email address. Plus, it’s password-protected. Only in Safari, you can have your students dropittome 

Dropbox and GarageBand

Box.com does not not read GarageBand files and turns them into mp3. (Great if you like that feature) it will link fine on the computer you created it in, but the synced computer will see mp3. A GarageBand file in dropittome it automatically zips the large file. So, students can create GB files at home and drop the files to you. You also receive an email upon the file being dropped. I had a contest to see how fast the service was, and each and every time it out performed the local dropbox at the school. Of course, you have discussed file management and naming of files before you push out this service. That is file management.

 I recently asked one of attendees at a class I was teaching, how do you backup your computer.  He answered, “I put my music on a jump drive.” I asked about a complete backup, he looked at me with crunched eyes, “You can do that?” Then, others in the class piped in, “You don’t backup?” That’s peer pressure. Ask your students specifically have they backed up, either important files from the server, or at home.

What I am doing in COBS, on backing up.

  • I backed up both computers using time machine.
  • I went into the preferences of both my iPhone and iPad to make sure that is is backing up to iCloud. Ironically, the iPad said it hadn’t been backed up in two weeks. I manually backed it up to icloud. I thought it was backed up. Glad I took the time to LOOK to make sure the backup was working.
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