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The Final Piece of COBS: SHARE!

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cobS (1) copyThis is always my stumbling block with young techies. Once you have a body of work, share, share, share. This means creating websites or blogs. It also means present your material at a variety of conferences, face to face.Put yourself out there for others to comment and see.

Still many administrators want the works to be only within the school, within their walled boundaries. The Common Core pushes an educator and their students to share outside the walls of the school. It states that students must share and have an authentic audience.

Writing goal 6: “Use technology, including the internet to produce and publish as well as to interact and collaborate with others…”

Each one of the COBS is as important as the rest. If you only live in the world of create and do not organize, it will stunt your creativity. If you organize and do not backup, you loose everything. If you don’t share to the global community you are missing the total creative process of authentic assessment and connection.


You give time to create. PLEASE, give time to file management, backup, and share. LET your students organize their files upon completion of a project. Many teachers did not see that was part of the process. Teachers allow students to organize their trappers, clean out their desks and lockers, so students are organized.  But, the digital files were not part of the picture. Give yourself and your students time to organize. Do not create a standardize way to organize and demand a specific color for folders or tags. This will not connect the student to the files. You and your students have to FIND a way that works. Once you demand folders, let the individual organization method be created by the student.

What I Did for Share:

The k12online conference is an amazing conference run by teachers, for teachers. I have the  pleasure to present this year: T3: Become a Triple Threat in Tech: Art, Music, and Media.

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