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Home Technology Why a TOTAL Vacation is Needed from Technology

Why a TOTAL Vacation is Needed from Technology

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AllureI recently went on cruise vacation for eight days with my husband. I did not do any foursquare check-ins or posting of pictures. Actually, collectively we only took twenty-five pictures. We didn’t take any laptops, only our iPhones and an iPad. This was going to be a time for us to reflect and connect. He is the texter and I’m into social media. We both used our techie stuff until Wednesday evening, when “no service” appeared on all our devices. Not wanting to spend $175 to connect, we completely disconnected. I became a 1999 version of myself – enjoying the moments. I had forgotten how slow and deliberate I used to be. It was truly a vacation from abscessing about checking the devices and/or playing with the apps.

Then on Sunday morning at 4:32AM our phones went off with all the texts and emails. 475 emails and 125 texts. The vacation was over. Not wanting it to end, we only did a quick check and enjoyed the final day.

As a connected educator we push to have others connect with us. But, having a tech-less vacation was simply marvelous. It slowed me down and made me appreciate my surroundings and the people I care so deeply about. Footprints

It recharged me and made me filter out some of the things I need to delete. It gave me a focus to appreciate the things I connect with using technology,  It put persecutive in my life and allowed me to prioritize the many things I do. The lack of tech gave me permission to prune. So, upon my return, I’ve been “unsubscribing” to many email lists. I subscribe to too many lists that I simply do not read or care about.

During this holiday season think about having a TOTAL vacation, then filter out the things you need to delete, then be thankful for the things you truly enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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