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Personal Touch

Published on March 14, 2014 by in Education
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Screenshot 2014-03-14 16.13.15It’s about the personal relationships we develop, it is the window to the content and information. Technology can bring relationships forward or fragment them.

I recently moved to Florida. Not since my college days have I had such an change in my life. I moved to a completely new part of the country and now faced with finding insurance, doctors, a dentist, hair, and other common everyday companies I took completely for granted for years.

Over the years, I developed personal relationships with people who I employed “up north.”  I had my dentist for thirty-five years and my insurance man for twenty-one. I could go on and on, I was loyal and so were they. Now I have to replicate it. What do I look for? Well, it’s the exact same thing students want in us as teachers.

  1. Take a personal interest in me and REMEMBER my name.
  2. Understand my personal and individual needs.
  3. Have a deep sense of family, either be in business with family members, or create a family experience within the office or organization, starting with the secretaries or schedule organizers.
  4. Be informative and have humor in everyday life.
  5. Tell personal stories to illustrative how human you are.
  6. Have the ability to communicate face-to-face, as well as a digital level, with followup emails, texts, or other digital fingerprints.

The more personal we make the experience the more we can convey the content. Yes, we have to know our content, but the idea that we leave out the personal touch is the tipping point.

So, as I invent a whole new “me,” it will be with the help of others to guide and teach me. It will be with those people who have the personal touch.

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