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Home Education Seriously Educators – Have a Professional-looking Photo

Seriously Educators – Have a Professional-looking Photo

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FUN_ADE_09_00867_3I am creating a slide show for an organization. It will be projected during a luncheon. There are people that we wanted to introduce, so I emailed the educators to send me a digital photo. To my surprise, the level of pictures was sub-par. They were scanned in, too small, or worse yet, pictures on vacation!

If you want to be taken seriously as an educator, take the time to get really good pictures of yourself.

HerHereHHeree’s mHere are some

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Background. It should all be ONE color. That way it makes the viewer look ONLY at you. When you have books, mountains, or other objects, people take the time to figure out where you are, not WHO you are.
  2. Have a serious picture and a creative “interesting” photo. Use the serious one for blogs (see mine) and professional organizations.
  3. Outfit. This should also be ONE color. Arms should be relaxed and you could have ONE object in your hand or your hand on your cheek. A simple head shot is fine, with NO arms, just the neck.
  4. Lighting. Have lights ONE you not on the background lighting.
  5. Size. Think the “Three Bears” Have a variety of size of your picture. 
    • Small size for social media.
    • Medium size for resumes,
    • Large size for presentations and publications.

Anyone else have other ideas?


Carol_picture (1)Headshots are just that – NOT bodyshots on beaches or full shots in the classroom. This picture would be UNACCEPTABLE.

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