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Home Teacher news What happened in Las Vegas is here!

What happened in Las Vegas is here!

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I met a “kindred’ spirit during the days event and instantly bonded. Since we only had tonight to see a show, we got tickets for the 10:00 show at Planet Hollywood. As luck would have it, it was raining. Plan A was take the $2 bus, Plan B was a taxi. We got out at 9:10, and ran to the cab station, which was 200 people deep. We were now back to Plan A. The rain had made the gutters overrun with sewage and water about four inches deep. In an effort to keep our feet dry, we walked two blocks trying to find a place to get to the sidewalk by jumping over the “water.” Finally, a spot, feet were a little wet, but not bad. We walked to the bus sign, and waited. Then, just like “Sex and the City” a bus came roaring down. You guessed it. Rain and sewage in the face, hair, and clothes. Not a minute later, a rainstorm, a Chicago rainstorm with huge drops hit. I thought we were in the desert, this is more rain I have seen since that storm in August! We were completely soaked. I never laughed so hard. We did manage to get to the show, wet and all. Luckily, no pictures.

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  1. Only you could find a rainstorm in the desert! Can’t wait to hear more about the trip. Where will you keep your award?

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