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Do the COB: Create, Organize, Backup

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My new idea for the classroom: COB: Create, Organize, and Backup. I have no problem creating, I create so much that my mind never really turns off, but that’s another blog entry! But, organize and backing up is ALWAYS on my mind. One of my goals when I return in January is to stress the importance of this to my students. Give them the time to organize and the tools to backup on a jump drive or external hard drive.

I have three computers: Laptop, iMac, and a mac-mini. My iMac is my main computer at home. That is the computer I sync my Palm (password plus) and have my movies on the hard drive. I view my laptop as an extension of the iMac. So, in the event my laptop is stolen or crashes, no data is lost. I have a .mac account so ninety percent files are there. Additionally, I back up my idisc to an external hard drive. (My .mac account is set up so my files on my laptop are on the server, not on my hard drive) My mac-mini is for the big screen TV, in case we want to be on the internet.

The importance of being organizied and backed up, really never is stressed within the classroom. Many of us are more concerned about the “creatation” of the file, not how it is organized or backed up.  On the apple web site it is stated on ten percent of users backup their files. I fear an even lower number really organize.

So, the New Year’s Resolution for the Sunset Ridge MIDI lab is COB: Create, Organize, and Backup. 

Give students time to do all three;)

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