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Home Teacher news Musicians are the BEST people: Michigan Music Conference

Musicians are the BEST people: Michigan Music Conference

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You will see this post all over my blogs. I recently came back from the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I drove three hours, arriving around 5pm. As I got out of my car to get my backpack, I realized that it was quite light, and looked inside – I FORGOT MY LAPTOP. Now, anyone that knows me, I would cut off a body part before parting with my laptop. After the freakout, complete meltdown, two phone calls to my best friend, a fellow presenter and art teacher, in high-pitch voice, she convinced me not to drive back to Chicago, but just wing it. Before I travel, I always back up my entire laptop. All I needed was a computer. Knowing NO ONE at this convention I would have to find a computer, and just relax. I finally called my husband, we discussed the possibility of meeting half-way, but the snow was falling hard, and the realization of no laptop was real.

I quietly had dinner and as I was walking out, I saw a friendly face. She is a Michigan music tech teacher and was eating with a fellow teacher. They invited me over, and the connection was amazing. I had met two teachers of like minds. I explained my problem, but they were PC people. She had a bigger crisis than mine. She had to put together a PC lab before 9am the next day, and the computers, keyboards, and software will not arrive until 7am the next day. I assured her I would be in the lab early to help.

I got 45 minutes of sleep realizing I had no computer and all the “what if’s” I quickly ate breakfast and headed down to the convention hall. There were many people running around getting things in order. I explained my problem, I needed a Mac, with iWork 8 installed. Within five minutes, without hesitation, a fellow teacher handed over his computer and said – take it.

As I write this it comes to mind how cool we are as music teachers. We have the skill of performing and creating music, along with the empathy of others. We all have been in the same situations of lost music, mouthpieces and costumes. Without thinking we jump to help and realize important issue in life is to connect with others and make things happen.

Well, the story is not over. As I was driving back home, I had a small car accident at the toll booth. Large enough to file a report, small enough to drive to the police station to file it. Yes, you guessed it, although a businessman, he was a musician, and his wife was a teacher.

So, here it goes:

Laptop: $3000
Car Accident: $1000
Being a music teacher: PRICELESS

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Carol, some laptop you have! $3,000?
    I’ll bet that many “non-music” teachers would jump at the chance to help… IMHO, teachers, in general, have hearts of gold! That’s why they teach!

  2. I totally agree with you:) We are in the people business.

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