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Cody Fry’s website

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A former student of mine has a wonderful website – www.codyfry.net

He is an incredible musician as well as a centered individual. The website is beautiful and represents his inner soul. I remember the day he walked into my class in fourth grade, I have never been the same. He is the reason that I stretched my tech skills and learned the concept “Will you let me..” not “will you teach me.” You don’t teach talented gifted students, you allow them to create and do things they want to discover. They are so directed; they will fly if you allow them to. Give them opportunities, software, and hardware to make their dreams come true.

Currently, he is in LA for the Grammy week. Look out LA – you will never be the same;)

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  1. Carol Broos is an incredible music teacher, as well as a caring person and friend. Besides my wonderful parents, she has been the most encouraging person, not only in my music pursuits, but in my life as well. In fact, during my time at Sunset Ridge, I considered her a parent. She is doing incredible things for all the students at SRS, and is a perfect example that I hope other music teachers will follow. If Mrs. Broos had not pushed me to be whoever I wanted to be, my life would be entirely different. I owe so much to her, and I just wanted to say thank you. Don’t ever take music out of schools.


    Cody Fry

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