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Updates on Fabulous students at Sunset Ridge

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A lot of cool things have been happening concerning Sunset Ridge students. First, a seventh grader’s article concerning technology will be published in the Illinois Computing Educators magazine this summer. They only selected five students STATEWIDE. She also maintains a website. Congrats to Leah!

Additionally, a sixth grade student just recently created a widget for WWDC and www.apple.com accepted it. It is now a download on the apple website. Congrats to Henry. Frank and Henry also maintain an incredible website www.lazertron.net It has received over 3,000 hits in four months.

Finally, a third student just finished his “Superchord” movie. He composed all the music for the movie using Sibelius, we videotaped and posted the movie, an incredible feat. www.chordsville.com Congrats to Derek. He is also part of the Vermont MIDI Project.

It all comes down to show them how to fish and they will fish. Don’t fish for them. All I can give these students is software and TIME. They have worked hard and have learned how to search out the answers. They have taught themselves how to fish. I am just there for the ride.

I am so proud of these students:)

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