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Taping for the September 6 Golden Apple Gala

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What an incredible day. It started at 11:00, when WTTW arrived for the day to videotape. They first interviewed Mrs. Mary Bortz, the retired art teacher from Sunset Ridge in front of the 75th anniversary mural she helped paint. Then a former student, Cody Fry came and gave his words. I was honored to have a parent come in and talk about me as well. Now it was off to the MIDI Lab classroom for 1½ hours, my main classroom, with all my “toys.”  The sixth grade was at their stations independently working on musical projects, then the fourth graders sang the “Sunset Ridge Fight Song.” One of my current students was interviewed concerning the music class, the shows, and technology. The big event of all 149 students that were part of HONK! came down at 3:00 and with the help of ten mothers, they got in their costumes and makeup for the final songs of the show, that will be included in the video. We sang the songs four times with different angles on the camera. I couldn’t believe it; we were finished by 3:28! I freshened up my makeup and I did the final interview. All of this footage will be condensed to 2 ½ minutes to be shown at the September 6th taping. This was an incredible day☺

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