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Home Classroom What’s inside the Guitar

What’s inside the Guitar

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With the last days of school approaching, I am finished with the curriculum for the year. I try to end early in the year, thus allowing enough time for new activities and time to experiment. I have Guitar Hero II, III, and Rock the ‘80’s, along with Singstar and High School Musical for Playstation 2. Things get broken and unusable, so maintenance is always on the schedule. I had one guitar completely broken, what to do? Well, there are always some students that delight in fixing and seeing what inside any tech toy. I sent three students on a mission: open up the Guitar Hero guitar and figure out how to fix it. If they broke it in the mission, no problem, it didn’t work anyway so they really didn’t break it. They opened up the guitar and were fascinated with the “guts’ of the guitar. So, let your students experiment and discover how things work. “It was so cool,” was the comment of the day.

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