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My Reflections on NECC 2008

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I have just finished up four days of NECC, the National Computing Educators Conference. I am really ready for a LONG nap. What an incredible conference it was. The sheer numbers (over 12,000 people) and the vast amount of vendors and presentations were a bit overwhelming. What you get from technology conferences are three things: Networking, looking to the future, and incredible people.

In education we have a saying – work horse or show horse. I think in technology we have communication or self-communication. Sounds strange. I present a lot in concerning “Let’s Communicate.” In this day and age there are so many ways to communicate your head can spin. Nothing, no matter what way technology moves, will replace the face-to-face communication. The eyes communicate 80% of our language. What strikes me strange is to see all the “techies” plugged into the own computer. I admit I can get that way as well. During the day I was concerned about my presentation and about me. I really should have been more concerned about others and talking to the vast amount of techies here.

I love presenting, but I should “share,” or networking more. Yes, there are the SIG groups, but it was the informal get-togethers I really enjoyed. I was invited on Sunday to attend the Discovery Education Network “dude ranch.” What was so amazing the person I was sitting next to was a twittered “friend” and yes, you guessed it, we follow each other!! The more we got to talk, the more we realized that we have so much in common.

The evening with the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) was cool as well. I saw a lot of people I already knew, but branched to talk to others to broaden my techie world.

So, when I am around techies, I will push myself to talk and communicate, not be plugged in to others in the “techie world.” The more we share and learn from each other eye-to-eye the more we can “rock” the world.

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