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Scripts for Willy Wonka

Published on August 11, 2008 by in Wonka
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It was a perfect storm. MTI had their server down for three days, the payment came in late, and Mrs. Broos forgot to add up all the extras for the check. Well, after ten phone calls, I finally have a script in my hands. It looks great. I was a bit upset when I first opened the script, since the type was so large. But, when I when through the amount of lines each character has and the songs they sing, it is just like all the other shows we have done. The songs are part of the script, not at the back of the book, so I LOOKS shorter,  but isn’t. I will be contacting school today to see if the shipment got here today. If it did – scripts will be passed out Monday, August 18 – Noon- 12. Thanks everyone for your wonderful emails. See all of you soon.

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