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Three Cool Tools for the Coming Year

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I have been working hard on new technologies for the MIDI lab.

iPod Nanos

Through the Teacher “Best Buy” is purchased seven nanos and external speakers. I have loaded the nanos with songs that students can rehearse. No more CD players that don’t work, plus I find some students don’t even know how to work a CD player. Students all know how to use an iPod.  The speakers are battery-operated, so no more cords. Students rehearse in groups of seven, their songs and presentations to music. This is going to work fabulous in the music classroom. FASTER LEARNING

Google Docs

What an incredible addition to the classroom. This will transform the lab in collecting data. I have two forms already online with more to follow. These forms can be emailed or embedded into a website. You need a google account, but the people filling out the form do not. After they fill out the form, it will show up in your google docs, in an excel format. It can be exported and you know that excel docs can be placed in FileMaker. This is amazing. Here is my advisory form and Wonka form. MORE INFORMATION AND CONNECTED.


I have had serious problems with my Palm Pilot. Last week I spent over fifteen hours trying to sync my Palm with my desktop. Having over two hundred passwords, being able to have them on my palm securely is the most important to me. Up until this month, there were no programs on the iTouch that could do the same things as the Palm. Well, not any more! 1passwords is the ticket. IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, all my passwords were downloaded and secure! Then, on twitter I saw a program called Files. This $6.99 app lets you put documents on your iTouch. So, instead of typing all my class lists and using GradeKeeper, I just drop and dragged all the documents onto my iTouch. It takes time to set it up, but once you have it, it works seamlessly. I have my advisory locker/combos, master schedule, class lists, and much more my iTouch. So, students can ask me what their schedule is, locker combo, etc.  When there is a fire drill, I just grap my iTouch and all the information is there! MORE ORGANIZED

What a great year using these new technologies.

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