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Google ME!

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I was one of the lucky fifty educators to be selected to attend Google Teacher Academy in Chicago. I knew this was going to be cool and interesting, but I didn’t realize how innovative  this really was. Here I am the weekend after, reading all those great emails and creating new projects for my classroom using Google. The group of educators that I got to collaborate and share with on September 24,  was a breathe of fresh air. I always talk about my “swiss cheese” of knowledge concerning of technology; I know some things, but completely “in the dark” with other things. At the Google Teacher Academy,  the culture is “ask and you will receive the answer.”  (Like my head doesn’t run out of control on times, now my brain is on complete overload.) This is going to be an exceptual roller coaster ride I will take this year.

Small goal

October  2008 –First Google Project

  • A collaborative project with music teacher Brenda Muench, composerproject.wikispaces.com students will use Google maps to chart where their composer is buried.
  • Showing the Fine Arts Department Google docs and having them collaborate instead of emailing

Medium goal

  • Individual student pilot of Google applications. I see some students once a week for “gifted” technology and music time. These students will be part of a pilot program for me.
  • Google sites
  • Theaterbiz and turtles I have two students, one is highly interested in theater having been in over fifteen shows, and the other student is obsessed with turtles. These students are my “internet” kids, so they should take it this extremely well.
  • Google Sketchup – I like the idea of a Google school and I have two students who are really into Google Sketchup. If a student could create a Google school what would it look like?
  • Getting teachers a Google account and having three Saturdays of Google ME!

Big Goal

  • Setting up Google Apps at my school. This might be tricky since I have to get approval from my administration and technology department. But, not undoable.

Finally, let the innovation begin!

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