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Doin’ My Own Thing

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Well, over the past month, edublogs has been giving me fits. I have two blogs, one on edublogs and one on learnerblogs. I felt the need to combine the two and seek another web host. When I has at the DEN Midwest Conference, Brenda Muench and I sat with Steve Dembo to discuss the matter. He was really excited about his web host – bluehost. Then the rush was on. Brenda got her site up and running within a week.  I knew it would take me a day, so during the five-day weekend and three phone calls to bluehost, I am running. I am still learning a lot and this will be a work in progress for at least the first month. I am not completely contented with the theme and still haven’t figured out how to get an avatar, but here it is. Technology is like music, you really never get to the place you want, but practice makes the ride really cool.

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