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Cody Fry, remember that name!

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Cody Fry is a former student of mine (I take absolutely NO credit for any of his success.) is now on iTunes, and you can BUY his music. I repeat – an eighteen year-old college student is now in iTunes! and his website is fabulous.  All I did was to make his junior high experience a postitive one and my classroom available to him to create and “let” him work. I basically gave him time and “passes” to work. He is the reason that I am the teacher I am today.

The moment he walked into my fourth grade classroom, I knew that I had a special student and immediately treated him differently and “allowed” him to be himself and “let” him create. He was my first music techie in my class. He would come with new ideas and get frustrated that the school was not moving ahead in his quest of knowledge. He also was, at that time, into mixed media the making movies and stage crew lighting. He saw the “whole” picture, using all the arts. He could do it all, movies, compose, stage crew tech, singing, dance, and act.

Cody helped me with my first GarageBand piece and he is the reason the shows at school have so much lighting and technology at Sunset Ridge. I can remember one long night after a show; we both were striking the show, his mom came back around 11:30pm. He was the last to leave, his dedication and “helping” others was always more important than helping himself. Sharing and giving to others is his core value. He was blessed with a family of incredible musicians that valued and supports music and music lessons. He was the first winner of the “Music Man” award at Sunset Ridge School; I began to realize that I had to honor students who would some day be famous. He WILL be famous. Remember his name!
Congrats Cody – you are my hero.

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