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Composer Collaborative

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I am really excited about this the “Composer Collaborative,” with Brenda Muench. She teaches music kindergarten through third grade, and is a technology intergrater for her district. We always wanted to collaborate, and with this project, it has gone farther than either one of us even imagined.

She had all her students listen to podcasts concerning classical composers on Classics for Kids. They then created a classroom voicethread, having one of the facts incorrect. My students have to find the incorrect facts and with using voicethread, comment as to what the answer is.

Additionally, my students selected a composition from “Hooked on Classics.” They then edited the music down to thirty seconds, since that is the only legal way you can use copyrighted music. They created any type of multi-media project using those thirty seconds. The varies mediums were: claymation, legos, pictures around the school, movies, etc. It is highly impressive as to what the final project the fifth graders created within class. Plus, they LOVE this project. Here are the finished movies.

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