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Home Curriculum Cody Fry Assembly – A Testament of Character

Cody Fry Assembly – A Testament of Character

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Yesterday, Sunset Ridge was blessed to have a former student of Sunset Ridge, Cody Fry come back and perform two assemblies for Sunset Ridge School. He also worked with students within the MIDI classroom, showing them his files and composing tips.  The eighteen-year old and his best friend Niko attend Belmont University in Nashville studying Music. Just last Saturday, Disney Radio named Cody as “N.B.T.” or “Next Best Thing” on their website and his music is also on iTunes, since he cut his first commercial CD last August. So, to be able to have Cody come to our school to perform and work with students was quite a treat. Please visit his website for important information and updates.

He really connected to the students musically. As you know, a junior high audience can be quite judgmental, but with Cody, they were spellbound. After singing a few songs, he really wanted to “talk” to the students about his struggle of performing and his experiences at Sunset Ridge. He was on the basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams, along with playing trumpet in the Band. In Student Council he was the DJ for three years starting in sixth grade. He was consistently making  movies for all his classes, as well as home videos. However, he worked mostly behind the scenes for the shows and started the Stage Crew at SRS. During his tenure at SRS, a new light board, special effects, and the development of the technological side of performance was created under his leadership. He never stopped taking piano, although he admits he “hated piano, hated the teacher, hated practicing,” but, thankful that his father insisted that he continue throughout his entire junior high. He never stopped taking lessons and that was the ticket his career.

Finally, his message was concerning passion and his love to sing was inspiring. He didn’t sing solos much in junior high because it wasn’t considered “cool.”  He stressed the importance that you should encourage others who have a passion, instead of bringing them down. A huge “amen,” was shouted out as he completed his talk. He also felt that ALL of his experiences helped him with his life, knowing how to direct movies as well as lighting and sound, created leadership and knowledge that he would not otherwise have. He can now communicate with other “techies,” since he knows their language.

Thank you Cody Fry for making a difference, there were many students who were truly touched by both your music and your message. Character counts.

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  1. I saw this Code Fry performance and it was one of his best yet. I think being at the school he went to really helped his performance, like he was proving himself.

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