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Cool Interactive College Students Sites

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Many of you know the talented and gifted students, just want time and software to create. I have many of those students in class, I try to create an environment of collaboration, with time and software. “Allow” is more important than the final project. I “allow” students to take risks and create. Recently I came across three websites created by college students as experiments. They are truly gifted and talented.They all have a common thread – games. Yes, gaming is becoming mainstream in the classroom.

Interactive Music – www.muxicall.com

picture-9This is an incredible site that you can create music by clicking. It is a project developed my Diana Antunes, University of Averiro, to explore sound and colors. It was an experiement and the notes do not follow a stepwise matter, so I am going to have to look at this more closely so students can be successful in creating compositions.  I plan on using the site for collaboration, by playing sounds together in class.

Interactive Games http://www.kwarp.com/


Greg Leiberman, a computer science major at University of Southern California. He originally got started creating comics. What you witness is a a development of comics into gaming. I think this site will be one of my student’s favorite because you can see his early work and how he developed into gaming. You could spend hours looking at all his drawings and his games. The site is very user-friendly.

Inpicture-6teractive Math Game – http://www.planarity.net

Created by John Tantalo, a computer science major at Case Western Reserve. This is a math game using a planer graph. The first time I was on this site, I spent a half-hour trying to get past level four of ten levels. (I am still working on level four) Math students are really going to enjoy this one. Highly addictive.

I hope you marvel at these incredible sites with idea that talented and gifted students love to create and “allow” your students to experiment within your classes.

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