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You’ve Been Tagged – Seven Things About Me You Didn’t Know

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There is a cool thing going around the blogs these days, called “Seven things you don’t know about me”, at the end you are to name seven people you would like to know more about. Well, I just got tagged by Michelle Russell and here it goes…

Number 1

I was a vocal major in college and sang opera. Singing is the only time I really am relaxed and in the zone. My personal hero and idol is Beverly Sills. She had an amazing voice and a wonderful personal story.  I love to sing classical music, and am going to get my voice back, so on my sabbatical I am  taking jazz and musical theater. I recently put my entire junior recital on the web.


Number 2

I have produced and directed over 175 shows, but I never had a part in a show, well, one line ‘Where’s Wang Ta?” (I have a blogpost all about this) It is the main reason I have so many shows with so many casts, to give my students every opportunity to shine and perform.

Number 3

Never wanted to get married, met my husband and in six days was engaged. Got married six months later, best thing I ever did. I have been married fifteen years to the greatest guy in the world. He is the reason I can do so much. He is amazing. He’s not a musician, nor an educator, or  “even a “theater kid,” but my biggest cheerleader, even if he does not understand what I do.

Number 4

Took up golf and skiing much later in life, I should have done it sooner, learning these sports in your forties is hard. I once shot 100 and I have gone down a black diamond.

Number 5

Took flying lessons at the age the twelve, my teacher was taught by Charles Lindbergh. (Yes, THE Charles Lindbergh) My father and grandfather were private pilots. Didn’t realize how cool it was at the time.

Number 6


I love college football and watch every college game I can, so January 1 is my Mecca day. I went to a college that music and sports worked very well together. Many of my music friends were in TBDBITL,  better known as THE Ohio State Marching Band. I teach my students the fight song as part of the curriculum. Go Bucks!!!

Number 7

In the summer between my junior and senior year in high school my parents told me I had to get a job, so I quietly met with my voice teacher and tryed out for a scholarship for the cherub program at Northwestern University. I got the scholarship, my parents were thrilled. Years later they found out know that the real reason I wanted to go to camp was not to work. That summer I fell in love with music and haven’t turned back.

Personal quotes I live by

“It is those things that you don’t want to that change your life.” or “It is the right turns in life that make the difference.”

Here are seven people I would like to learn more about:

Nan Norris
Selena Ward
Brenda Muench
Karin Beil
David Fisher
Lee Korbert
Andy Zweibel

Can’t wait to hear from some of them, of course, they are very busy people and please don’t feel the pressure to participate in this activity. It’s just fun learning about people that have the same passion.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for participating in the Meme. It is interesting to find out about other people in my network.

  2. I enjoyed learning more about you, Carol! Your story about not wanting to work after your Jr. year of HS was great. Thank you for tagging me. I’m working on a post (I was tagged by Skip Z. 1st).

  3. Holy cow! This is the 3rd time I’ve had to do the math problem to prove I’m not a computer! Apparently I have forgotten some of the order of operations!

    Here you go
    Thanks for tagging me!

  4. Carol – I attended the University of Michigan and teach the UofM and MSU fight songs as a part of our curriculum (as well as O Canada as we live SO close!). We created recordings of the fight songs and put them on the school blog. Great minds think alike!

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