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Home Education New Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Golden Apple

New Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Golden Apple

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I just got an invitation to participate in a round table discussion concerning the direction of education in the United States! I will be one of twelve teachers discussing Education and it’s direction. It was arranged by the Golden Apple and will be given to the Department of Education. Mr. Duncan is on the Board of The Golden Apple Foundation.  The print media will be there and the entire event will be on youtube.(Of course I will send you the link and post it on this site) This is an amazing opportunity to discuss education. Of course, in true social networking, I set up a wiki for others to talk and discuss what I should bring up. Please feel free to add anything to the wiki. If you have never participated in one, you need an account, (it is free) then write away. Contact me if you have any problems. I posted all the questions I was given in advance.

Here is the wiki –


It takes all our great minds together to improve education. Hope you can contribute to the effort.

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  1. What an honor! Congratulations!!! Thanks for setting up the Wiki!

  2. […] While driving (or crawling) to work this morning, I began pondering the tenure of Obama and Duncan that is soon to be upon us mostly from the perspective of the questions that will be addressed at an upcoming round table Arnie Duncan. […]

  3. Carol, I can’t think of anybody that I’d rather have representing the EdTEch community than you. That’s absolutely an incredible honor and very well deserved. Do us proud!

  4. Please feel free to add anything to the wiki.

    I appreciate that you guys are conducting this. It’s always great to see a cumulative spread of information in this field.

    I will refer my site visitor to it.

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