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Home Technology MacWorld Keynote – a Middle School Perspective

MacWorld Keynote – a Middle School Perspective

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Anytime there is an Apple Keynote Address or new products that are announced, I have a group of “techies” that spend their lunch period and stop by during classes to be the first to know about the new technologies. Here is a joint blog post about what occurred on Tuesday during the MacWorld Keynote address. What the thoughts of a junior high techie-DSCN1011.JPG

iPhoto 09 – It is really amazing that you can have facial recognition. The new folder system is a nice feature as well.

iMovie 09 – A bit of a disappointment, much like iMovie 8. We are all users of iMovie 6 and really hoped more of iMovie 9 would have the features that they got rid in iMovie 8.

iWork 09 – The share feature is cool and they would like to check it out more. We are use keynote and can’t wait to use it for presentations.

We sat and watched the www.engadget.com and www.macrumors.com on the big screen. The real news here was that someone “hacked” into the macrumors rss feed. About ten minutes into the keynote a post came up “Steve Jobs is dead.” My students knew immediately that something weird had happened. Of course there was more and more “hacking,” We took macrumors off the big screen immediately and monitored the site on a separate computer. It was a good discussion on “hacking” and wanting to know who did it. Finally, macrumors was taken completely offline.


Then as all the students wanted passes to stay (some went to their teachers and got permission) and ONE MORE THING appeared – iTunes. The new pricing guidelines and the $4.99 music lessons (I really want to find out about this being a music teacher) The 3G and wifi, a great plus!

The MacBook Pro 17-inch looked cool – but a bit pricey. All were hoping for a tablet or some new Mac Mini. We all thought that the Mac Mini might go away because no really upgrade occurred.


To watch the junior high students be engaged to a screen and talk about how they would use these new technologies was a hoot. wOOt!

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