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Home Technology Shift Happens… when a new President is inaugurated.

Shift Happens… when a new President is inaugurated.

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With a new administration upon us, no matter what your political views, a shift happens. A look back of where we have come and where we are going. Here is the top three shifts happens moments:

1. The White House now has a youtube channel – here is the first video of the inauguration on the internet.

officialportrait of Obama2. Official Presidential Photo of Barrack Obama. For the first time the official photo is a digital photo, it is also available for a FREE download. All past pictures have been taken by a regular camera. The last shift was in 1850, when Millard Fillmore had his picture taken, not painted. See all the official Presidential Portraits.

3. Official Fickr photostream of the inauguration. This is amazing; you can download actual professional photos of the entire event.
Streaming, television and twitter – The inauguration was streamed, (although I strongly suggest that you watch on regular television, due to the strain on the internet) and there is a twitter for the entire inauguration.

So, hopefully those laggards, who think that technology will soon be over, it is not, a shift has happened, one of sharing and web 2.0.

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