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Home Education Golden Apple Roundtable for Arne Duncan and Dept of Ed

Golden Apple Roundtable for Arne Duncan and Dept of Ed

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Arne Duncan was just confirmed at the new Secretary of Education under the Obama administration. He used to be the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and on the Board of Directors for the Golden Apple since 2002. Arne Duncan and the Golden Apple are the signs of new beginnings and new ideas.

Golden Apple is a foundation founded with the idea “All Children Deserve Excellent Teachers.” in 1987. Dom Belmonte, CEO and President of Golden Apple, got eleven teachers, administrators, professors and professional educators together for a talk concerning the future of education. The video is currently being edited, however, here is the transcript of the entire event.

It started out with a light dinner and easy conversation. We quickly moved into the conference room of Golden Apple, where the taping was to take place. Thanks to Don Golden, the band director at Sunset Ridge School, he borrowed equipment from Midwest Young Artists, to videotape the entire event. There was no preparation or agenda before us; just four questions emailed to us a week before. No “you should say this or that.” No second takes. The taping only stopped once for the fire engine to go by Michigan Avenue in Chicago. What came out of our mouths was real and honest. We had a vast amount of different experiences and ways we should move the direction of public education, what works and what needs working on. It was an amazing evening and one I won’t forget.

Golden Apple Roundtable 1

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